Garden of Joy Montessori

Are you looking for a family daycare/preschool where:

A. Your Children 

  1. are listened to with genuine interest, no matter how silly or trivia the things they are talking about;

  2. are excited and want to come to school where they thrive in a happy, loving, and nurturing learning environment;

  3. can learn to become bilingual in Chinese and English, with a good foundation for Spanish as well;


And much more...

B. The Founder

  1. is a well-educated Montessori certified teacher;

  2. loves and understands children, and follows children’s natural development;

  3. aims to prepare children to become creative, independent and inter-culturally competent human beings with good habits and good manners, so that they are ready not just for school but for a well-ordered life?


If the answer is yes, you should come to check us out!  Established in January 2020, Garden of Joy Montessori aims to provide quality early childhood education for our local community. We were closed from 3/16 to 6/19 due to COVID-19, and have been re-opened since Monday 6/22. 

Words From The Founder

Like many moms, I have faced the great challenge of finding the perfect preschool for my son when he was 3. It was during this process that I came across the Montessori Method and fell in love with it. This passion has led me to take the full credential training and work in several Montessori schools.  


As a dedicated Montessori follower who loves children, I believe early childhood education (especially 2-6 years old) is too important to be messed up. It sets the foundation for the child’s whole life. When such education is implemented appropriately, the child will benefit from it all life long. As such, our children deserve the best quality education we could possibly provide. 


To this end, I have established my home-based school- a joyful, nurturing, and thriving garden for your beloved children. We are looking for families that share our mission and values to join our Garden of Joy Montessori Community. I understand that there are many options out there for your children and I appreciate greatly your interest in and consideration of our school.


We are located in East San Jose, close to Lake Cunningham Park & East Valley YMCA. The nearest intersection is between White & Tully. 

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a school tour.

Ms. Sierra Tan

Call: (408) 828-8020

  Email: sierrainmiis@gmail.com

About the Founder


I love children and am proud of myself for having a childlike spirit. More...

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