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“Granny is sitting by the fireside knitting a stocking. She is very old, and her eyesight is failing; and every now and then she drops a stitch without noticing it. But she goes on knitting just the same; and in due course the stocking is finished. But, on account of the dropped stitches, it is not so strong or so perfect a garment as it might have been. Similarly, if the child misses some of his sensitive periods during his development, he will still grow up into an adult. But that adult will not be so strong nor so perfect an individual as he would have been if he had been able to avail himself of their constructive power.”

-Maria Montessori as quoted by

E.M. Standing in 'Her Life and Work'

Garden of Joy Montessori International School
A loving, joyful, and nurturing garden for the whole child

This quote has been stuck in my mind. I can imagine Granny knitting the stocking and here and there you can see a couple of dropped stitches...Both as a mother and a certified Montessori teacher, I understand what a crucial role early childhood education plays in shaping a child's future. Such an image constantly reminds me the kind of responsibilities we as preschool teachers are undertaking and we just have to make things right; for our precious little ones, for the upcoming adults, and for mankind. However, to guide our precious little ones into the best human beings they could possibly be, our schools should work with families as a team, to support their healthy and all-around development.

Licensed as a Large Family Daycare, we truly are a home-based Montessori preschool in essence, devoted to providing quality early childhood education for children aged between 2 and 6. We are dedicated to promoting compassion, empathy, equity, inclusion, and diversity within our community. All children are welcome to attend our program regardless of their needs, nationality, race, color, creed, gender, or social status. Our curriculum, activities, books, and materials take into consideration the diversity of our children, their families, and the wider community. We follow the Montessori philosophy, respecting every child as an individual, and provide differentiated guidance to each and every child to support their healthy development. 

On June 26th, 2023, Inclusion collaborative Santa Clara County Office of Education issued us the certificate of "Inclusion Endorsement", which is a great testament to the excellent quality of our program. After having inspected our program a couple of times over the course of six months, Ms. Elley Ho, an Inclusion Training Specialist from the Office commented, "Thanks Sierra for allowing me to capture all the high quality interaction with your students. There are so many clips I'll be able to utilize for our future trainings in both Teaching Pyramid as well as ICP. Your knowledge, skills, passion, and kindness shine through every moment you have in supporting your students' learning." Please check out the videos published by the Office in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Words From The Founder

Like many moms, I have faced the great challenge of finding the perfect preschool for my son when he was 3. It was during this process that I came across the Montessori Method and fell in love with it. This passion has led me to take the full credential training and work in several Montessori schools.  


As a dedicated Montessori follower who loves children, I believe early childhood education (especially 2-6 years old) is too important to be messed up. It sets the foundation for the child’s whole life. When such education is implemented appropriately, the child will benefit from it all life long. As such, it is my firm belief that as educators, we must strive to provide the best education possible for our precious children.

To this end, I have established a home-based preschool - a loving, nurturing, and thriving garden for your beloved children. We are looking for families that share our mission and values to join our large Garden of Joy Montessori Community. I understand that there are many options out there for your children and I appreciate greatly your interest in and consideration of our school.


We are located in East San Jose, close to Lake Cunningham Park & East Valley YMCA. The nearest intersection is between White & Tully. 

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a school tour.

Ms. Sierra Tan

Call: (408) 828-8020


About the Founder


I love children and am proud of myself for having a childlike spirit. More...

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