Why Garden of Joy?

To answer this question, perhaps the best way is to listen to what our parents have to say about our school. Their heart-warming comments are the highest rewards for us! Please check out their "Testimonials" on our website.

As a parent myself, I understand that we all want the best school for our children. As such, we take it a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of your child's early life. We also want to make sure that there is a proper match between your child and our program. To this end, I would like to provide more information about our school as follows. 

Licensed as a large family daycare, we are a Montessori preschool in essence. Our ultimate goal is to prepare our children not just ready for school, but also ready for the real world. As such, we aim to nurture our little ones to become future leaders with the following traits/skills:​

  1. Creativity. We want our children to maintain their rich imaginations and creativities, instead of growing out of them as such is usually the case in our current society.

  2. Independence built upon good habits and good manners. We want our children to become independent and self reliant with good habits and manners from a young age, so that they can take good care of themselves, others, and the environment around them.  

  3. Bilingual in Chinese and English, with a good foundation for Spanish as well. Our children will have a strong competitive edge with a solid foundation laid for the world's three major languages.

We are proud of ourselves for having the following three means to achieve the above goals:

  1. Strong support from family. Our school works together with our families as a team to support the child’s happy and healthy growth. We keep ongoing communication with our parents (through Montessori Compass and LearningGenie) and invite parents to participate in school events, and even present their special cultures/traditions in front of our children if possible. 

  2. Well-designed curriculum (software). Our curriculum is designed with each individual child’s developmental needs in mind, in the areas of gross and fine motor skills, socio-emotional development, music and art, as well as language (including Chinese, English and Spanish) and mathematics. As true Montessorians, we understand that one of our key responsibilities is to observe our children; but more importantly, we want to transform them into the best human beings they could possibly become.

  3. Carefully prepared materials and environment (hardware). We believe that children have an innate desire to learn with an absorbent mind. Based on their developmental stage, we carefully design and choose our materials. Our orderly, beautiful and inviting environment beckons our children to put their hands on the materials. Such materials are ever changing according to our monthly themes and our children’s developmental needs. 

To summarize, these are the reasons that you might want to consider our school:

  • As the founder, I am a mature and experienced Montessori Certified Teacher who loves children and take it my purpose to be a child advocate and to provide quality early childhood education.

  • A beautiful, loving, joyful, and nurturing family environment

  • High teacher-student ratio (usually higher than 1:5)

  • Bilingual approach (English and Chinese) with additional Spanish teaching

  • Continuum education is maintained (there is no concern for high teacher turnover ratio)

  • Diverse yet balanced curriculum

    • Practical Life (including Cooking & Gardening) and Sensorial

    • Language and Mathematics 

    • Music and Movement

    • Art and Crafts

    • Science

    • Character Education

    • Field trips (we take our children to a park nearby once a month)

    • A variety of Cultural Subjects (e.g. History, Geography, Botany, Zoology & Cultures)

  • Healthy lunch and snacks: we participate in the California Childcare Food Program through Love Little Children Inc., aiming to provide healthy and nutritious food for our children. 

Our Vision:

To follow Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision: contributing to make this world a much more peaceful, productive, and prosperous place through implementing and promoting of quality early childhood education. 


Mission Statement:

With the support of our parents, we are dedicated to: Providing a safe and joyful, engaging and nurturing environment not only for children under our care, but also for faculty and staff, where children will grow into independent and intelligent global citizens with intercultural competence, creativity and compassion, where our faculty and staff are inspired by Maria Montessori, lead by example, and strive to providing best quality education possible to our little ones.


Our Values:

While we hold many values dear, we would especially strive to develop our children the following qualities:

  • Independence

  • Creativity 

  • Competence

  • Compassion

  • Empathy