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Admission Process


Thank you for considering Garden of Joy Montessori! We understand it is a BIG decision finding the right school for our children, thus we want to make sure there is a proper match between our program and your child. Our 2-week Adjustment Period is exactly designed for this purpose. During this period, if parents or we as a school do not feel the program can meet your child's needs, either party has the right to terminate the Admission Agreement without notice. If both parties feel there is a proper match, then the child continues with our program

At present, we offer three programs for children aged between 2 and 6 as follows:

  • Pre-Primary Program: for children aged between 2 and 3, not potty trained.

  • Primary Program: for children aged between 3 and 5, fully potty trained.

  • Kindergarten Program: for children aged between 5 and 6, fully potty trained.

With the Adjustment Period in mind, here is our admission process:

1. Information Sheet

This document (click to download) aims for us to have an initial idea about your needs and expectations as well as basic information about your child. It is purposefully created in the Word format, so that you can easily fill out and send back to us at:

2. School Tour

If there is a spot available, you can then schedule a school tour. Usually we recommend the tour to take place between 11:30am and 12:15pm, which is our children's outdoor free play time. This way, you and your child can not only see our school environment but also meet with our students and staff. Prior to your visit, please fill out our Visitor's COVID-19 Screening Checklist.

3. Enrollment Packet

At the end of the tour, if you decide to enroll your child, we will send you our Enrollment Packet. There are currently 21 documents in this packet, some of which are for your information only while others require your signature.

4. Home Visit (not mandatory) 

This is part of our strategies to help children to cope with their separation anxiety and it has been proven very effective. It is normal for our young children to feel such anxiety when they leave home for the first time. This step is designed with the following considerations:

  1. Children will establish trust in our staff seeing them at home;

  2. Our staff can develop a better understanding about the child and his/her family;

  3. Parents can complete the seemingly overwhelming Enrollment Packet with help from our staff;

  4. Parents can also utilize this opportunity to address any concerns/questions they might have regarding our school.

Due to the pandemic, if parents do not feel comfortable with an in-person visit, a virtual visit over Zoom can be scheduled instead. Please note that we highly recommend this step but it is not mandatory.

5. Initial Payment

For a child to secure a place and start the Adjustment Period, the following two payments must be made:

  • Registration Fee $300

  • Tuition fee for the 2-week Adjustment Period

Tuitions & Fees:​

  • Tuition varies based on the program you choose. Please contact us for a specific program rate.

  • To secure a place, a $300 Registration Fee and tuition for the Adjustment Period must be paid.

  • Towards the end of the Adjustment Period, if determined by both parties that our program is a proper fit for your child, then a $450 Annual Material Fee, a deposit of $800 and the remaining of the first month’s tuition has to be paid before or on the first day of your child’s third week into school.

  • Tuition can be paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Monthly tuition is due before or on the 5th of every month. After the 5th, it is considered late payment and a $25 late fee will be charged.

  • If a child joins school after the beginning of a month, that month’s tuition will be prorated. 

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