Our Programs:

  • Pre-Primary: 2 to 3 years old, not potty trained

  • Primary Program: 3 to 6 years old, fully potty trained

Our program opens from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We have two options:

1. Full Time: ≥ 25 hours

2. Part Time: < 25 hours/week

Please note, our earliest drop-off time could be 8am upon request. It is considered full time if a student comes to school 3 days a week (unless it is 3 half days).

Adjustment Period:

We want to make sure there is a proper match between your child and our program. As such, a 2-week Adjustment Period begins on a child’s first day of school. The child can continue attending our school if, towards the end of this period, it is deemed that our program can meet his/her needs. In the case parents or we as a school do not feel the program can meet the child's needs during this period, either party has the right to terminate the Admission Agreement without notice. In such case, the remaining tuition of unused days will be refunded but the registration fee is non-refundable.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety refers to excessive fear or worry about separation from home or an attachment figure. It is very normal for our young children to feel such anxiety when they leave home for the first time. It actually helps them understand relationships and master their environment.

To help our little ones to overcome separation anxiety and to make the transition as positive as possible, we observe the following procedure:

  1. Parents schedule a school tour. 

  2. If the School and Parents both feel there is a potential match, a home visit is scheduled. The purpose of such visit is:

    • For our staff to see children in their home environment so as to understand them and their family on a deeper level;

    • To help children to establish trust in our staff seeing them in their home;

    • To provide an opportunity for parents to address any concerns/questions they might have and complete the Enrollment Packet.

  3. Parents schedule another one or two visits to the school for orientation. Due to the pandemic, this step is currently suspended. 

Tuitions & Fees:​

  • Tuition varies based on the program you choose. Please feel free to contact us for a specific program rate.

  • To secure a place, a $300 Registration Fee and 2-weeks’ tuition must be paid.

  • Towards the end of this period, if it is determined by both parties that our program is a proper fit for your child, then a $600 Annual Material Fee, a deposit of $800 and the remaining of the first month’s tuition has to be paid before or on the first day of your child’s third week into school.

  • Tuition can be paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Monthly tuition is due before or on the 5th of every month. After the 5th, it is considered late payment and a $25 late fee will be charged.

  • If a child joins school after the beginning of a month, that month’s tuition will be prorated.